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LITTLE SPAIN is a 59-minute documentary that stirs up all kinds of questions about immigration, authenticity, assimilation, preservation of family traditions, the diversity of Spanish-speaking people in the US, notions of success and social mobility, etc; "LITTLE SPAIN" lends itself particularly well to classroom use in a wide range of courses at the high school and college levels. The DVD contains versions for Spanish-speakers, English-speakers, and bilinguals.

To date, the DVD has been purchased by some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the US, recognized as the most important documentary on the subject. We are currently developing teaching materials to accompany the film and will publish them here as they are completed.

If you would like your educational institution to acquire a DVD of the film with license for public screenings and classroom use, please have the librarian or acquisitions person contact us at members@spanishbenevolentsociety.org

Schools, universities and libraries can order the DVD with license for public screening and classroom use by sending an e-mail. To purchase the DVD with license for public exhibition and classroom use, send an e-mail to members@spanishbenevolentsociety.org

Do not miss the best film on the subject! To date, some schools have ordered the film for their libraries.

Para adquirir un DVD con licencia de exhibición pública y uso como material escolar escriban un e-mail a members@spanishbenevolentsociety.org

“LITTLE SPAIN” (2014, 59 minutes) is the first of a series of feature-length documentaries being produced by the SPANISH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY exploring the history of Spanish immigrants in the United States. These documentaries form part of a vast archival project, that includes the acquisition and digitalization of many unique old pictures that will only be seen at our projects.

“LITTLE SPAIN” (2014, 59 minutos) es la película emblemática e imitada por otros seguidores en años siguientes tras dar a conocer su proyecto, el primer largomentraje de una serie de documentales producidos por la SPANISH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY en torno al tema de la historia de los inmigrantes españoles en Estados Unidos, y concretamente a su principal puerto de entrada ubicado en Little Spain, el barrio español de Manhattan en el oeste de la calle 14. Estas películas forman parte de un proyecto de creación de un vasto archivo digital online titulado que ha incluido la adquisición y digitalización de imágenes únicas que solo pueden verse en estos proyectos.