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The Spanish-American Award

The Spanish-American International Award

Considering that the Spanish-American community and its origins in Manhattan have had small or no recognition by Spanish cultural institutions in New York and outside of the United States of America, the Spanish-American Award is created to place the attention in the excellence and outstanding work of those immigrants, as well as persons from other nationalities, that are actively contributing to the discovering and preservation and promotion of the Spanish-American identity.

The Spanish-American International Award has been created with the solid purpose of promote outstanding contributions to the Spanish-American identity, to those who deserve it under our described criteria, being this decision adopted by the club's members.

The Spanish-American Award is offered to outstanding artists, researchers or scholars who have made a substantial and recognized contribution to their particular field of study, recognized at an international level, and where the expectation is that their greatest achievement is yet to come, always as a contribution to the Spanish-American identity in the United States of America.

Eligibility & Criteria

Elegible for the annual Spanish-American International Award are artists, scientist and writers of all nationalities, who in one way or other are creating an outstanding contribution to the promotion of the Spanish-American identity in film, literature, arts, historical research or other kinds of investigations.

The Award places special weight on:

Originality of the projects;
Significance of the work;
Political activism for liberties and civil rights in relation with Spain;
Ability to judge and take appropriate risk;
Removal of barriers between traditional disciplines.

Mission of the Award

The ultimate mission of the Spanish-American Award is to provide public acknowledgment of excellence and funds to guarantee the continuity of the awarded's work and activity.

The 2013 Spanish-American International Award

**October 30th 2013 the information of the Award is officially announced**

Rufino López, winner.

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The 2012 Spanish-American International Award

Artur Balder, winner.

Kirsty Hooper, honorary mention.

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